International Whey Conference 2017

Come and visit our presentations on the International Whey Conference, in Chicago,  from 17-20 September. Our scientist on dairy technology,  Thom Huppertz,  will update you regarding whey ingredients in sports nutrition and the opportunities and challenges of whey ingredients from non-bovine milk.

The 8th International Whey Conference 2017 (IWC-2017) will focus on the cutting-edge developments in science, industry and the global marketplace with respect to whey. The conference will feature presentations reviewing the global supply of whey as well as the markets for various whey-based products. Key-note speakers will address the current state of the whey business, examining all aspects of the  competitive strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats in our industry. The IWC-2017 Market Place will be the central gathering place at the conference for networking, with an exhibition of innovative whey-based ingredients, processing equipment and products, poster presentations and demonstration stations.