Membrane concentration & evaporation: from theory to practice-21/22 January 2020

Membrane concentration & evaporation: from theory to practice-21/22 January 2020

“Learn the ins & outs of membrane concentration and falling film evaporation and catch up on the latest developments to optimize your process and save on costs”.

Powder processing lines often contain a membrane concentration and evaporation step to remove as much water as possible before (spray) drying. However, these units are complex pieces of equipment, for example resulting in fouling or inefficient use. Improvement can often be achieved in reduction of the energy consumption, minimisation of fouling and improvement of cleaning.



During this two-day course the latest developments in membrane and falling film evaporation technology, process optimization and cost saving strategies will be presented, including case studies, examples from industry and hands-on demonstrations.

The course includes basic evaporation theory, followed by, a hands-on workshop which will enable the participants to apply the theory in practice. Additionally, case studies from the field will be presented.


For whom?

The course is intended for anybody involved in concentration, including process and product developers, technologists and plant operational staff.

Speakers from NIZO, academia and industry will guide you through the topic from scientific understanding to its practical implications.

Why come to this course?

  • Improve or refresh your understanding of evaporation and membrane concentration technology
  • Gain new insights into strategies to optimise your evaporator
    Get updated on the latest scientific and technological developments for product-process optimisation
  • Expand your network of scientists and industry experts in the field of evaporation and membrane concentration




Membrane course & evaporation 2020
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