Vitafoods 2019

Vitafoods 2019

Join us at Vitafoods in Geneve and visit our booth, stand F140. We will update you on our latest insights regarding food clinical trials and product development! To prove health claims for our clients’ food products or ingredients, we design and conduct food clinical trials at NIZO. As an added value, we have also the knowledge and capabilities to develop the test and placebo products for these clinical trials. Besides we have the possibility to make these products in larger scale with our Processing Centre. Our experience is that this ‘one-stop-shop’ works very efficient!

At our booth you will have the possibility to taste our low-cal soft ice cream as an example of our expertise’s! NIZO has produced the world’s first soft serve ice cream under 100 kcal. It contains very low-fat (0,8%) and 25% less sugar, yet tastes creamy and delicious. NIZO’s ice cream contains only 99kcal per 100 grams of ice cream. Regular soft serve has more than 160 kcal per 100g. As we have expert knowledge of protein functionality and the complicated interaction between taste and texture in proteins, we are able to use natural proteins to reduce (saturated) fat and sugar content without compromising taste, mouthfeel and consumer appreciation.

Do you want to know more about our expertise’s regarding food clinical trials and product development, then visit our presentations and the Education Centre and the Probiotics Research Centre:


Fermentation technology for adding value to your product
Our Business Development Manager Personal Care & Health, Nils Hijlkema, will update you about how we can help you to select, screen and identify desired new functional strains, modulators or formulations for the development of new (clean label) fermented foods.

Nils will present at the Education Summit ‘Food Technology: The Future is Now’ on Tuesday the 6th of May at 11.50 A.M.

Boosting your immune response – clinical studies that support your claim
Our Expertise Group Leader Nutrition & Health, Alwine Kardinaal, will tell you how clinical studies can help you to support your claim. Functional food ingredients can contribute to enhanced human resistance to infectious disease or reduction of inflammation. What are the relevant outcomes in clinical studies to demonstrate health benefits and to understand how the ingredients work? Which study designs are most efficient? What role does the microbiome play? Innovative approaches will be discussed in relation to various ingredients.

Alwine will present at the Probiotics Research Centre on Wednesday the 7th of May at 15.00 P.M.