Better-digestible ingredients

In developing ingredients for nutrition applications (like infant foods), digestibility is an important parameter. That is why Kerry Ingredients commissioned us to independently determine the digestibility of Kerry’s Ultranor Beta™ (beta-casein enriched) product versus a commercial alpha-casein and a commercial sodium caseinate.

Fast and easy simulation of digestion
Intrinsic differences between casein proteins include accessibility to gastrointestinal proteases under gastrointestinal conditions, and therefore the kinetics of the protein digestion may differ.

Digestions of the milk protein samples with the gastric protease pepsin were carried out using part of the NIZO infant SIMPHYD procedure, developed by Els van Hoffen. “In close consultation with Kerry, we investigated the rate of casein breakdown during simulated digestion.”

The SIMPHYD procedure supported that the beta-casein fraction was more susceptible than the alphaS1-casein fraction to pepsin digestion in all samples studied. Overall, Ultranor Beta™ was more susceptible to pepsin digestion than the commercial alpha-casein and commercial sodium caseinate samples.

Therefore, Ultranor Beta™ is ideally suited to nutrition applications where a better-digestible protein source is wanted.


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