NIZO supported Ruitenberg in structuring protein into fibrous textures, resulting in Rudin®Provega Inside. This innovation introduces a new market ingredient: plant-based protein fibers that provide “bites” and juiciness.

The collaboration is based on Ruitenberg’s many years of expertise in the field of meat and bakery products and the world-leading expertise of NIZO food research in the field of proteins. Ruitenberg also has their own production facilities.

Plant-based protein fibers are increasingly of interest to manufacturers of healthy foods. The technology to make proteins usable, functional and tasty was developed by NIZO. The protein fibers have proven to be very suitable in vegetarian products, fish substitutes and savory bakery products. The taste and texture (the mouthfeel) equal that of meat, with optimal ‘juiciness’ and ‘bite’.

Fred van de Velde, NIZO Expertise Group Leader Protein Functionality: “We understand the complex interaction of texture and taste in proteins. We also understand the functionality of proteins and how they react in a processing process. We are the forerunner in the world in this regard.”

NIZO supported Ruitenberg to structure protein into fibrous textures: Rudin®Provega Inside , which bring "bites" and juiciness.

Ruitenberg is a pioneer in finding creative, innovative solutions for the food industry. The development of an industrial production process for these protein fibers is provided by Ruitenberg’s subsidiary Food Research in Peize. Maintaining the functionality and effectiveness of the protein fibers requires specific treatment methods that will be developed on an industrial scale.

Ward van der Kaaij, general manager at Ruitenberg, explains: “We see the demand for alternatives to meat increasing and want to expand our role in the vegetarian segment. We can put our knowledge and expertise built up in the meat and bakery industries to good use for this purpose. The technology developed by NIZO for the production of high-quality plant-based protein fiber fits perfectly with this strategy.”