Cell culture platform

Classical development of a functional healthy food ingredient usually starts with high throughput, fast and parallel screening assessment in various relevant in vitro assays. These assays allow quick and relatively inexpensive ranking and selection of your highest potential ingredients. Cell-based in vitro assays provide a step-up approach in the potential assignment of food ingredients to specific (gut)  functionalities that could be related to in vivo effects.

Exploring these in vitro effects will help you to make the right considerations which food ingredients are worthwhile investing more into follow-up experiments.

NIZO has ample experience in the screening of food ingredients to study

  1. Gut barrier integrity
  2. Protection from targeted infections
  3. Inflammatory responses

Mechanistic insight for a cause-effect relation can be obtained through in vivo biomarker assessment and in vitro elucidation of the mode of action. Understanding the cause-effect relation  will strengthen your (EFSA) health claim, and will boost consumers’ confidence.

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