The small intestine is critical to health. It is where the absorption of approximately 90% of nutrients takes place and where important signals are generated to control our metabolism and immune function.

Mounting scientific evidence shows that an imbalance in the ‘microbiota’ in our gut is linked to a variety of diseases, including metabolic and immune disorders such as obesity, diabetes and inflammatory diseases. However, most studies have targeted the microbial communities in faecal material, and have not adequately addressed the possible role of the small intestine microbiota.

New opportunities for therapeutics

For the first time, scientists have been able to obtain and analyse samples of the small intestine’s microbiome in a non-invasive way, opening up research opportunities into the impact of the small intestine microbiota on health and disease.

This is likely to lead to a greater understanding of the significant role the gut microbiome; and with it, opportunities for new therapeutics.

The IntelliCap® CR system, which already had CE Marking for drug delivery and the real-time measurement of temperature and pH on the gastrointestinal tract, has recently been further approved for the aspiration of fluids.

Together with Medimetrics

Measuring just 11 x 26 mm, the sampling device was developed by Medimetrics, a company pioneered by Philips. The joint Medimetrics-NIZO service related to the IntelliCap sampling device to obtain and analyse samples of the small intestine’s microbiome is now available.

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