Kewpie brainstorms with NIZO on recipes to entice European consumers

Kewpie Mayonnaise is a leading and much-loved brand in Japan where it is used in a variety of dishes, not only as a condiment but also as an ingredient. As Kewpie mayonnaise is now available in Europe, Kewpie experts teamed up with NIZO to brainstorm on recipes that will show the full potential of the Japanese mayonnaise in European style dishes. The NIZO sensory panel defined the key flavor characteristics of Kewpie mayonnaise as the first step in identifying European foods that would be enhanced by the product. Then a NIZO applications expert and professional chef worked out a series of European-style recipes where the  distinctive taste and umami-enhancing qualities of the mayonnaise added depth and complexity of taste. Recipes that combined well with Kewpie mayonnaise included Deviled egg, Sushi, Vegetable soup, Vegeburger and raw herring. The stand-out recipe being a pulled pork dish that Chef said had been “elevated to a gastronomical level” by the addition of Kewpie mayonnaise.

Kewpie will build on the findings from the work at NIZO to present European consumers with recipe information and inspiration on how to use Kewpie mayonnaise to enhance dishes they know and love.

NIZO, a CRO focusing on the food industry, was happy to apply its vast knowledge of sensory and food applications knowledge to help Kewpie understand how its product could be best used by European consumers. The combination of NIZO food knowledge and Kewpie expertise with their iconic brand will give Kewpie greater understanding of the European market.

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