Microbiota platform Insight in host-microbe interactions

NIZO has a microbiota profiling and quantification platform in place. Through its independent position, NIZO offers you access to state-of-the-art technologies and can help you with the interpretation of the results. Besides, NIZO is active in several national and international consortia to further develop insight in host-microbe interactions. NIZO and BaseClear have joined forces to offer a complete solution package for microbial genomics research. NIZO has ample experience in analyzing microbial profiles in the oral and nasal cavity, in the gut, in the vagina and on the skin.

NIZO will perform DNA isolation with a validated protocol, generate a barcoded PCR amplicon library, and perform ultra-deep sequencing  using the most state-of-the-art platform. Raw sequencing data will be analyzed by NIZO bioinformatics 16S pipeline facilitating: quality control, statistical analysis and mining, and representation of the output by mean of Visual Analytics.


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