More profit from cheese


The cheese market is highly competitive, and cheese manufacturers are constantly focusing on maximising the output of the cheese making process.

Based on NIZO’s expertise in optimising cheese productions, a new customer requested to optimise their cheese production line.

All processes more profitable

NIZO’s scientists not only improved the process parameters of the actual cheese production line (like increasing the capacity of the heating equipment by dedicated computer models), but they investigated and improved the entire process chain.

They optimised the pretreatment of the milk (storage, heating) in such a way that protein inclusion in the cheese matrix was maximised, and they were able to find the right balance in the concentration of the cheese ingredients with respect to coagulation time.

In this way, the cheese yield increased up to 10%, and a cheese of constant quality could be produced from different production lines.

Not only cheese manufacturing

“It was especially NIZO’s extensive knowledge about how processing conditions affect the quality of the product that helped us tremendously,” a representative of the cheese company comments.

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