Rapid screening of probiotics and prebiotics in a gut-like environment

New potential probiotics and prebiotics are identified on a daily basis and it is practically impossible to test all these bacteria and compounds in clinical trials. To pre-select the bacteria and compounds with the highest potential of exerting a probiotic or prebiotic function we have developed the Microcolon System. The Microcolon System allows you to check what type of gut bacteria are stimulated by specific oligosaccharides.

The Microcolon System

The microcolon model allows high-throughput screening of novel ingredients and probiotics for their efficacy in the gastrointestinal tract. The microcolon model is inoculated with faecal slurries derived from either infants or adults and, when desired, can be spiked with specific pathogens of interest to our customers. A fermentation medium and conditions mimicking the human gastrointestinal tract are employed. We are able to routinely perform DNA isolations, qPCR analyses to monitor specific species, analyses of organic acids, as well as amplicon library preparation and establishment of the full microbiota composition. These technologies allow our customers to rapidly benchmark their new ingredient, or select the most promising ingredients from large panels to rapidly move into a preclinical phase with a limited number of ingredients.

Would you like to screen for the prebiotic or probiotic with the highest potential? Please contact Sabina Lukovac.

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