Recovering Protein from Microalgae

Renewable Algal Energy (RAE) is a biotechnology firm producing refined raw materials from algae. As part of an effort to introduce a new Algal Protein Isolate into the food and nutraceutical markets, RAE contracted us for assistance in developing a process to produce this protein and to efficiently bring it to market.

Based on our expertise in isolating and processing proteins RAE was able to quickly develop a process to recover and isolate the proteins from their algal biomass to get the best product characteristics for their customers.

Our expert Laurice Pouvreau and her team formulated a designed set of experiments to provide critical conceptual design data for flowsheet development. The resulting flowsheet exploited the unique characteristics of RAE’s algae that were discovered. Several samples of the protein isolate were produced and characterised during the test work. The focus has now turned to producing samples for RAE’s customers in our food-grade Processing Centre.

Jeffrey Kanel PhD, President and CEO of RAE, stated, “Utilizing NIZO’s protein experience and expertise, RAE has been able to identify a process that will allow us to be first to market with an Algal Protein Isolate, and this collaboration will help identify other products and applications from our microalgae.”


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