SIMPHYD platform

In the last decade simulation of digestive properties has evolved from straightforward ‘pepsin digestion at low pH’ into complete platforms with specific models simulating all major digestive processes from upper gastrointestinal digestion up to fermentative processes in the colon.

The SIMPHYD platform (Simulation of physiological Digestion) includes simulation of major digestive processes of the upper gastrointestinal tract with a unique focus on textural properties of food ingredients or formulations during gastrointestinal passage.

The behaviour of food during gastrointestinal passage may affect the dynamics of overall digestion, gastric emptying, nutrient absorption and thereby, amongst others, contribute to the satiating capacity of the meal.

With SIMPHYD, several key parameters during the process of gastrointestinal digestion such as digestion profile and structure formation/breakdown may be determined in vitro.

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