Starch based creaminess enhancer

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Fat is the main determinant for the creaminess perception in many dairy products. Replacement of fat in food products is a major consumer driver for food and ingredient companies.

The combination of AVEBE’s starch knowledge and DSM’s enzyme expertise has resulted in the development of ETENIA™, a natural, highly functional, clean label ingredient derived from potato starch designed for creaminess enhancement and fat replacement.

They chose NIZO to support the development process with independent evaluations.

Piet Buwalda, head AVEBE R&D: “In their processing centre they produced products with ETENIA inside for testing. In their labs they revealed the structure-function relationship and in their application centre they performed application research on yoghurt and ice-cream products and took care of thorough testing with their taste panels.”

Ice-cream testing

According the project leader at NIZO it was fun to work on a project like this. “We worked in close collaboration with AVEBE to achieve their goals and secretly I feel a bit proud to see products with this ingredient already on the market.”

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