Introduced in 2021, IFT FIRST means Food Improved by Research, Science and Technology. It is IFT’s response to the transformative nature of the global food system. IFT FIRST is a place where professionals can discover the latest global trends, newest innovation, and cutting-edge solutions while making strategic connections to advance their business and careers. IFT’s annual event and expo has been reimagined into a new in-person and virtual experience which includes the return of the largest B2B food innovation expo.

NIZO virtual presentations at IFT FIRST

We are happy to announce NIZO will give three presentations during the IFT FIRST:

Cellular Proteins: Towards Product Applications
The demand for sustainable, animal-free protein ingredients and products has shifted the focus from plants as production organisms towards micro-organisms as the production organisms. Protein produced by micro-organism ranges from precision fermentation to producing fungal biomass for direct application in food products. Percision fermentation aims at producting animal protein, such as meat tissue, milk, and egg proteins in an animal-free process.

In this presentation the focus is on producing proteins that can be extracted from the bulk biomass produced by micro-organisms and will be given by Emma Teuling, Project Manager Protein Functionality, and Herwig Bachmann, Principal Scientist Fermentation.

How do you choose the right plant-based protein ingredient for NPD?
Developing plant-based foods offers an overwhelming number of choices that need to be made. Which product category do I want to serve, meat or fish alternatives or dairy alternative or egg replacement? Moreover, the choice of plant-based ingredients is overwhelming: cereals, nuts, pulses, oilseeds, and many more. On top of that, many new plant-based ingredients are entering the market, such as protein ingredients produced by fermentation. Different plant sources all have different characteristics. Even within the same plant source, large differences can be found due to production processing of the protein ingredient.

This presentation provides an overview of different factors and guidance on how to choose the right ingredients for the development of plant-based NPD and will be given by Renske Janssen, Project Manager Protein Technology and Ann Stijnman, Senior Project Manager.

Dairy products versus dairy alternatives: what about texture?
The unique casein micel in combination with the minerals and whey protein form a complex interacting system. Tuning with parameters as pH, heat load, and shearing conditions allows it to form a broad range of textures. The more complex textures consist of gels, foams, emulsions and combinations thereof. How unique these textuers are we only realise when trying to mimic this with only plant-based ingredients. In this presentation the critical parameters for texture formation are reviewed and suggestions for how to use for dairy alternatives will be discussed. 

This presentation will be given by Els de Hoog, Expertise Group Leader Dairy and Wim Engels, Expertise Group Leader Dairy Technology. Details regarding this presentation will be following soon.

NIZO in-person at IFT FIRST

Renske Janssen and José Escher, Business Development Manager, will attend the IFT FIRST at Chicago live (July 10-13). Make an appointment with them by sending an e-mail to José Escher.

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