How to develop dairy products that are healthier and how to substantiate those health benefits?

Among the opportunities facing the dairy sector, we see increasing consumer demand for healthier products, as well as for products perceived as ‘more natural’, with fewer additives. Besides, there is also greater market interest for products enriched with health-benefit ingredients, such as prebiotic fibres, bio-active proteins and probiotics. Milk is the ideal basis for the common dairy products, but also for sports and medical nutrition. Besides, the industry continues to develop new ingredients to meet evolving market and consumer demands.

Therefore, the dairy industry thus faces a dual challenge: to develop products that are healthier, and to substantiate those health benefits.

In a virtual presentation on Tuesday, September 28, 3-3.30PM CET, Natalie Hotrum, Senior Project Manager Dairy Technology, will explain how to explore and substantiate health benefits in dairy foods. This webcast will explain how we do this in practice, based on four dairy related cases:
✔️ ’Clean Label’ low calorie ice cream without additives.
✔️ Observing the potential role of the product matrix on the rate of amino acid absorption in the gut.
✔️ Exploring the potential health impact of soluble fibre as a prebiotic.
✔️ Using dairy foods as a matrix for probiotics.

For more than seven decades, NIZO has been working with dairy producers to increase the value of their applications. We have developed our own culture collection, casein micelle models, spray drying models, and high-throughput sequencing platforms for food safety and chain control, to name only a few.

The take away of this Webcast is how to develop healthier dairy products and substantiate the health impact.

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The global food market is constantly changing, from milder and more sustainable processing technologies to clean label products and plant-based ingredients and dairy alternatives. These trends create new challenges for producing safe, high-quality and taste ingredients and finished food. Unwanted microorganisms in a product can cause a food safety problem, and may result in public health issues, expensive recalls, food wastage – and critical damage to your brand’s image. NIZO’s multidisciplinary capabilities can help you protect your products and brands. We ensure we have the most up-to-date knowledge about microbiological hygiene, as well as residues and chemical contaminants that may be found in milk, dairy products and dairy alternatives.

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