How to develop plant-based food products that are tasty, healthy, stable, safe and sustainable?

The plant-based food market is projected to grow to $162 billion by 2030, providing huge opportunities to both multinationals and start-ups. Taking advantage of this growth requires the tools to formulate great tasting products that consumers will love, and this is exactly where NIZO excels.

This webcast was broadcasted on June 30th 2022. To be able to watch this Webcast on any time convenient for you, also when you were not able to join, we made this webcast on demand available for you (except for the live Q&A session).

In the webcast Fred van de Velde, Expertise Group Leader Protein Functionality, presents about plant-based proteins, and the importance of choosing the right one for you dairy alternative food product. The webcast covers:

  • Choosing the right protein
  • Eliminating off-flavours
  • Designing the right creaminess
  • Shelf life and food safety

NIZO can support  you with the same blend of scientific understanding and hands-on experience. We know and understand new protein sources like legumes, oilseeds and potatoes as well as emerging options such as single cell proteins. And of course, we have years of experience with traditional animal proteins – because you need to understand what people like about something before you can replace it.

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