NIZO Dairy Webcast Series

As a renowned food innovation partner, NIZO offers a holistic approach to successfully bringing products to market.  In a 4-part webcast series dedicated to dairy, experts from NIZO will tackle some of the key challenges facing the dairy industry and ingredient companies. And they will explain how NIZO is innovating with real customers to optimise the opportunities in production and in the market. Each webcast will be shown live and will then be available on-demand for you to watch at your convenience.

  • Dairy Processing – online available
  • Food Safety & Chain Control – online availabe
  • Protein Transition – coming soon
  • Health benefit impact – coming soon

Part 1 – Dairy Processing

In the webcast on Dairy processing, optimising processes to reduce costs and add value, professor Peter de Jong, Principal Scientist Processing for NIZO, takes you on a journey to discover how combining new process technologies and top-notch product knowledge can help you stay ahead of the competition.

This webcast covers:

  • NIZO’s 4 unique values
  • Unexplored ways to cut costs: finding the ‘low-hanging fruit’
  • How to use new process technologies to improve the value of dairy products
  • The role of data analysis in optimising processes and upscaling capacity
  • Real-live cases from the industry


Part 2 – Food Safety & Chain Control

In the webcast Food Safety & Chain Control, Vesela Tzeneva, Senior Project Manager Food Safety, explains NIZO’s expertise throughout the entire chain; from raw materials and ingredients, through formulation and processing, up to your final consumer product at the time of consumption. With insight and interpretation, we turn complex results and data into real, concrete solutions.

This webcast explains how we do that in practice based on four dairy related topics:

  • Pathogens in cheese (see case)
  • Bacterial spores in UHT products
  • Undesirable bacteria in spoiled products
  • Mould in dairy alternatives

Part 3 and 4 of this NIZO Dairy Webcast Series will follow soon!

Our Webcasts

Dairy webcast part 1: Smarter Processing

We see high consumer interest in healthier and more sustainable food and nutrition. Imagine the opportunities for dairies by smarter processing, the protein transition, higher quality & safety and the impact on health and well-being. All of these will be covered in NIZO’s Dairy webcast series. The first webcast, about smarter processing, explains how a smart combination of process technology and 'top of the bill' product knowledge gives you already a great start.

Dairy webcast part 2: Food Safety & Chain Control

The global food market is constantly changing, from milder and more sustainable processing technologies to clean label products and plant-based ingredients and dairy alternatives. These trends create new challenges for producing safe, high-quality and taste ingredients and finished food. Unwanted microorganisms in a product can cause a food safety problem, and may result in public health issues, expensive recalls, food wastage – and critical damage to your brand’s image. NIZO’s multidisciplinary capabilities can help you protect your products and brands. We ensure we have the most up-to-date knowledge about microbiological hygiene, as well as residues and chemical contaminants that may be found in milk, dairy products and dairy alternatives.

Coming soon...

Dairy webcast series part 3: Protein Transition

Coming soon...

Dairy webcast series part 4: Health Benefits


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