Learn from our experts about the opportunities in protein transition, smarter processing, increased reliability, and health and well-being, in our dedicated Dairy Webcast Series

The dairy product sector faces fierce competition and an ever-increasing need for sustainability. ‘More value in your product, lower costs of processing, less emissions’ is a simple sounding recipe for success. But how do you achieve it? How can you upscale production, increase profits, decrease energy usage and enhance product value all at the same time?

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Dairy webcast series: Smarter Processing

We see high consumer interest in healthier and more sustainable food and nutrition. Imagine the opportunities for dairies by smarter processing, the protein transition, higher quality & safety and the impact on health and well-being. All of these will be covered in NIZO’s Dairy webcast series. The first webcast, about smarter processing, explains how a smart combination of process technology and 'top of the bill' product knowledge gives you already a great start.

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As a renowned food innovation partner, NIZO offers a holistic approach to successfully bringing products to market.  

In a 4-part webcast series dedicated to dairy, experts from NIZO will tackle some of the key challenges facing the dairy industry and ingredient companies. And they will explain how NIZO is innovating with real customers to optimise the opportunities in production and in the market. 

Each webcast will be shown live and will then be available on-demand for you to watch at your convenience. 

Discover the webcasts 

Dairy processing: Optimising processes to reduce costs and add value. 

Professor Peter de Jong, Principal Scientist Processing for NIZO, takes you on a journey to discover how combining new process technologies and top-notch product knowledge can help you stay ahead of the competition.  

This webcast covers: 

  • NIZO’s 4 unique values, and how they help you achieve sustainable processing 
  • Unexplored ways to cut costs: finding the ‘low-hanging fruit’ 
  • How to use new process technologies to improve the value of Dairy products 
  • The role of data analysis in optimising processes and upscaling capacity 
  • Real-live cases from the industry