We are happy to announce that Fred van de Velde, Expertise Group Leader Protein Functionality at NIZO, will present at the Sustainable Protein Forum (Oct 4-6). Fred will present about the ‘Functionality of plant proteins, the impact of origin and processing’ on October 5 at 3.30PM CEST during the session of ‘Structure Function Relationships of Food Proteins 2’.


This presentation will cover the functioanlity of plant proteins and the impact of their origin and processing thereon. Plant protein can be extracted from a wide variety of sources, including cereals, pulses, oil seeds, tubers. Each source delivers specific protein compositions and functionality. Some proteins are more suitable for application in dairy alternatives, whereas others are more siutable for meat alternatives or egg replacement. Plant material, such as seeds and tubers, requires processing to liberate the proteins and to produce protein rich ingredients. The processing is different for the different starting materials, e.g. oil seeds vs. starch containing crops. Processing will alter the functionality of the proteins present in the plant material. This presentation will focus on the influence of processing, including traditional and mild processing, on the functionality of plant protein ingredients. The interplay between source and processing will be discussed in relation to the functionality in the final application.

More about the Forum

The Sustainable Protein Forum uncovers the latest research and development on sustainable proteins and brings together leaders from all components of the food system — from production and processing to distribution and consumption. The 2022 Sustainable Protein Forum Technical Sessions provide an immersive look into the latest alternative protein research and innovations. Whether you attend live or online, you will have access to the following interactive technical sessions:

  • Food Proteins, sustainability and the circular economy
  • Structure function relationships of food proteins
  • Emerging perspectives for product design
  • Fermentation and cellular technologiesw promises and challenges
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Fred van de Velde is happy to answer all your questions.

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