Bacterial Identifications

Bacterial Identifications

Bacterial identifications as support in production of safe and high quality food products

There is a high demand for production of safe products of high quality, as safe food is a prime requisite for public health. In addition, companies strive for production of safe products as this is extremely important for image and brand protection and consumer trust. Bacterial identification technology allows for fast and efficient detection of bacterial contaminations during and after food production processes. This is extremely important in order to reduce the chance of product recalls, thereby protecting the product brand, as well as the company image.

Bacterial identification is a culture-independent approach, based on 16S sequences generated from bacterial DNA isolated from potentially spoiled products. This routine service provides fast and efficient answers, is cost-effective and easy to implement in the existing food production process as part of the regular quality control (QC). Initial analysis and bacterial identification is finalized within 4 days, which includes the generation and delivery of a phylogenetic representation of detected bacteria, providing comparative analysis to other bacteria (for example other known contaminants or pathogens). By phylogenetic representation of bacteria identified, further in-depth expert interpretation can help to define details on bacterial identity and characterization (e.g. pathogens, sporeformers and other phenotypic properties).

By making use of this method in our standard offer, the most relevant questions are addressed, such as:

  • What is the origin and cause of the spoilage (Root Cause Analysis)?
  • Is there a connection to previous spoilages?
  • What are potential safety issues?

NIZO has a long track-record and ample experience with microbial research to anticipate on specific microbial-related problems during food production processes from customers worldwide. Our scientific experts concomitantly offer biological interpretation of analytical results to provide you with more information of the identified bacteria in relation to food spoilage and safety issues.

We additionally offer custom-designed research solutions to advise and help you with the possible cause of food contamination and solutions for preventing this in the future.

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