Whether it’s due to customer complaints, regulations or self-monitoring, the food industry demands more and more microbial identification for its products. And rightly so, since the detection of pathogens, bacteria and other fungal spores in food products is a key component of better, safer and healthier food. At NIZO we help you identify the microbes in your products so you can take appropriate measures – if necessary.

What is microbial identification?

Microbial identification includes the detection and determination of specific micro-organisms such as pathogens, bacteria and moulds. This is especially important in food products because these organisms might spoil or contaminate the food, causing serious risks to consumers’ health. With the testing results, food producers, manufacturers and processors are able to enhance their food chain – or take measures to prevent harmful spoilage in the future. 

Our microbial identification services

Our labs offer a broad range microbial identification services as well as several safety and quality checks:

Make better decisions with microbial modelling

Our microbial identification services help identify bacterial and pathogenic contaminants and provide insights into the potential root cause of contamination. However, that is just a part of the quotation. With microbial modelling we can simulate the growth or decline of said organisms and quantitatively assess the risks in your production and distribution chain. This way you can make better informed decisions on optimising processes for more food safety – and happy consumers.


Results of both microbial identification and modelling allow for a full understanding of the issues that may arise and help you develop appropriate plans to reduce risks of health hazards in your production and distribution chain. In other words, we help you design products and processes to control contaminants and provide better food and health. In every product.

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