NIZO celebrates it’s 75 years anniversary this year!

Our story starts in 1948 with a small facility in Hoorn. NIZO was founded in 1948 by the Dutch dairy industries as a cooperative initiative in fundamental research, and process and product development. In 1953, NIZO moved to a custom-built site with laboratory and test production facilities in Ede. Both the industrial founders as well as NIZO strongly believed, and still do, that research would only be relevant if scientists knew the products and could implement their knowledge on factory scale at the NIZO facilities.

Since the beginning, we have had been on an incredible journey. We have contributed to several developments and processes in the food industry, which are still used worldwide. And we have extended the development of innovative technologies in dairy applications to food and health applications.

Nowadays, NIZO is one of the most renowned contract research organisations for better food and health in the world. Because of our 75 years of heritage in the food industry, we can have a holistic view and successful and sustainable products can be created. We bring together experts in many different areas of food science and production including: protein technology, fermentation, bioinformatics, health and microbiome, food processing, food safety and sensory experiences of food.

To celebrate our 75th anniversary, we reflect on a history filled with remarkable milestones and look forward to a future just as bright. This year, we will celebrate this milestone in our history and hope you will join us in doing so!

NIZO 75.0 Protein Day

During this anniversary year we look back with pride of all the achievements NIZO made with its partners in the food industry over the past 75 years. At the same time, we continue to look to the future: how we can continue our contribution to better, healthier and more sustainable societies. All together, this was good reason to organize the NIZO 75.0 – Protein Day on March 24, 2023, where the latest developments in the protein transition were shared, together with a number of highly valued relations.

NIZO Open Day

The date for the NIZO Open Day is set: September 23rd 2023. Family, friends and our business relations will be invited to attend this day. At the moment we are busy to organize this day. As soon as the details have been set, for this day, you will be informed.