Over the past 20 years, NIZO has been leading  the change from animal- to plant-based sources and recognized the need to concentrate on the entire food production chain. The protein transition will only succeed when producers of ingredients as well as finished products, retailers and consumers are on board.

75 years ago, the institute was founded in a fragmented dairy sector, in a country where food security was the central theme. Since then, a strong consolidation of the dairy sector ultimately resulted in the emergence of a single dominant player. This required NIZO to shift its perspective from national to international. No longer can we focus on dairy alone, but the entire food sector must be in the picture while we move from animal- to plant- and single cell-based ingredients as well. In this area, we have now built an excellent international reputation. The worldwide trend towards plant protein products was rapidly picked up by NIZO.

NIZO 75.0 – Protein Day

During this anniversary year we look back with pride of all the achievements NIZO made with its partners in the food industry over the past 75 years. At the same time, we continue to look to the future: how we can continue our contribution to better, healthier and more sustainable societies. All together, this was good reason to organize the NIZO 75.0 – Protein Day on March 24, 2023, where the latest developments in the protein transition were shared, together with a number of highly valued relations.

After the official kick-off of the NIZO 75.0 – Protein Day, by CEO Gisella Frijlink and Division Manager Food René Floris, the latest developments and visions on plant-based proteins and fermentation were presented by Fred van de Velde and Herwig Bachmann. These presentations were followed by Marnix van Amerongen, Innovation and Technology Director of DSM Proteins of the Future, and Corjan van den Berg, founder of Revyve. Marnix updated us about CanolaPRO® applications and Corjan took us into the world of egg replacements. The questions and discussions which came up after the presentations showed that all guests were engaged with plant-based proteins and fermentation in their own way! The day ended with a networking moment. The bites for this networking moment were specially prepared for the protein transition theme: Both DSM & revyve / FUMI Ingredients provided their latest plant-based hamburgers, sateh skewers, drinks and bars.

Thank you Marnix van Amerongen and Corjan van den Berg for the presentations and the snacks you brought with you! We received very positive feedback: very good presentation, good mix of stakeholders and an interesting and tasty networking event. On behalf of the entire NIZO team, we would like to thank everyone who participated to the NIZO 75.0 – Protein Day!