How to produce safe, high-quality and tasty ingredients and finished foods, while meeting the constant pressure to innovate in order to meet evolving consumer demands?

NIZO’s multidisciplinary capabilities can help you protect your products and brands. We ensure we have the most up-to-date knowledge about microbiological hygiene, as well as residues and chemical contaminants that may be found in milk, dairy products and dairy alternatives.

In a virtual presentation on Thursday, March 25 (3-3.30PM CET), Vesela Tzeneva, Senior Project Manager Food Safety, explain NIZO’s expertise throughout the entire chain; from raw materials and ingredients, through formulation and processing, up to your final consumer product at the time of consumption. With insight and interpretation, we turn complex results and data into real, concrete solutions.

This webcast will explain how we do that in practice based on four dairy related cases:

  • Pathogens in cheeese
  • Bacterial spores in UHT products
  • Undesirable bacteria in spoiled products
  • Mould in dairy alternatives.

Look behind the scenes to find out our 3 end-to-end expertise’s to help you deliver safety by design!

Any questions?

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