NIZO  is happy to announce the start of the “NIZO TALKS FOOD & HEALTH” Podcast series. In these Podcasts René Floris, Division Manager Food at NIZO will discuss with (NIZO) experts the key challenges the food & health industry is facing today. These industry insights of NIZO will cover topics like smart processing, food safety & chain control, health benefit substantiation and the protein transition. The Podcasts will be published on a regular basis on but also on the major podcast platforms like Spotify, YouTube and Apple Podcast.


One of the key challenges an issues facing the food industry today, is protein transition –  the growing move away from animal proteins to alternative sources. Fred van de Velde, head of NIZO’s Protein Functionality Expertise Group has more than 20 years’ professional experience in protein functionality, Fred oversees NIZO’s “source-to-society” activities in protein food technology covering the full range of protein sources. He is also professor of protein transition in food through his chair at the HAS University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. In this first Podcast the protein transition was put under the microscope by asking questions to Fred by René Floris, Division Manager Food at NIZO.

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