Building your health claim

At NIZO, we can assist you by showing clear health benefits of your ingredients and products as well as clarifying the underlying mode of action. Based on our track record in pre-clinical and clinical studies on nutrition, gut health and immunity, we have developed a systematic approach to bridge the gap between preclinical in vitro assays and studies in humans. This will result in a faster and more effective selection process. It will help you to stay ahead of competition and to select the right ingredients at an earlier stage. Together, we will build your product’s health benefits! Interested?

Find out more about our:

  • Proof of concept challenge trials in humans
  • Pre-clinical assays
  • Extensive set of biomarker assays
  • Biological sample and preparation platform
  • Innovative non-invasive sampling and analysis techniques.

To select the most promising ingredient and demonstrate health benefits, we at NIZO have developed Proof of Concept challenge models (both in animals and in humans). These models can assess the effect of foods and ingredients in healthy people by introducing a controlled ‘challenge’, such as:

  • A challenge with an oral cholera vaccine.
  • A challenge with a parenteral Hepatitis B vaccine.
  • A challenge and re-challenge with a cause of traveller’s diarrhoea and gastroenteritis (more specifically: oral attenuated diarrhoeagenic coli).
  • A challenge with a cause of the common cold (nasal rhinovirus).
  • A challenge with Salmonella, Listeria or Influenza (in animals)

Our challenge models can be used for the first proof of concept in the substantiation of claims on (immune) defence against pathogens.

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