NIZO has produced the world’s first soft serve ice cream under 100 kcal. It contains very low-fat (0,8%) and 25% less sugar, yet tastes creamy and delicious. NIZO’s ice cream contains only 99kcal per 100 grams of ice cream. Regular soft serve has more than 160 kcal per 100g. NIZO’s soft serve uses the natural properties of dairy proteins to substitute for the creaminess of fat and the body of sugar.

NIZO has been researching proteins for more than 70 years. Their focus is on creating healthier food products based on both dairy and plant protein. NIZO has expert knowledge of protein functionality and the complicated interaction between taste and texture in proteins. This enables NIZO to use natural proteins to reduce (saturated) fat and sugar content without compromising taste, mouthfeel and consumer appreciation.

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