Core-shell particles at fluid interfaces: Performance as interfacial stabilisers

On 14 September 2016 Christian Buchcic, supervised by Hans Tromp of NIZO and Marcel Meinders and Prof. Martien Cohen Stuart of WUR, successfully defended his thesis entitled ‘Core-shell particles at fluid interfaces: Performance as interfacial stabilisers’. This work was funded by TIFN.

This study addresses the adsorption of soft and hard micron-sized particles at the air-water interface. Particles (e.g. made from food grade protein) are a potentially very effective label-friendly substitutes for traditional foaming agents.

Stabilization by particles is called Pickering stabilisation. One of the practical conclusions of the work is that deformable particles are much better in adsorbing at the air-water interface than non-deformable, hard particles.

This finding is useful for industry because it explains one of the reasons why there is such a strong variation in foaming efficacy between food grade protein particles of different sources.