After more than eight years of intensive involvement in the start and further development of the Protein Transition in Nutrition lectureship at HAS green academy, Fred van de Velde is stepping down as lecturer. The protein transition has grown enormously in importance, scope and depth and due to increasing activities in this area, it is no longer possible for NIZO to combine this with picking up and fulfilling the lecturer role. NIZO and HAS green academy will reshape the cooperation.

Fred van de Velde

On 15 December 2022, HAS green academy and NIZO will conclude the period in which the professorship was co-designed by NIZO with an exaugural lecture. On that occasion, HAS green academy and NIZO will look back on the valuable cooperation between the two organisations and the joint development of the first lectureship in the Netherlands in this field. From novum to mainstream: the protein transition is proving to be one of the key drivers in the development of food products and the ingredients required for them.

Improving protein ingredients and developing plant product

The success of the lectureship and the cooperation between HAS green academy and NIZO can be seen in the large number of projects on which the lectureship and NIZO have worked in recent years – and in some cases are still working – and in which many other partners from the food and ingredients sector have participated. These SIA-RAAK and TKI-funded projects focus mainly on improving protein ingredients and developing plant-based products.

Solid research group

Last year, Renske Janssen and Emma Teuling from NIZO observed Fred van de Velde’s activities. They are also stepping down from this role. Renske and Emma helped build the solid research group that the Protein Transition in Nutrition lectorate now is within HAS green academy. They also co-designed the new minor ‘Protein Transition: Towards a Sustainable Future’ for (international) students and a course in Plant Proteins for professionals.

Cooperation continues

HAS green academy is currently looking for a new lecturer who can further develop the course it has set. HAS green academy and NIZO will continue to cooperate within existing and future research projects and giving guest lectures.

Any questions?

Fred van de Velde is happy to answer all your questions.

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