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Flavour is one of the key drivers for food preference and selection. Besides an excellent aroma and taste profile, the mouthfeel upon consumption is a key aspect in the overall quality perception of a product.

People’s desires for food quality are changing on a global scale. They want reduced fat, sugar and salt and all-natural products. With the number of senior citizens increasing to an expected 2 billion by 2050, developing targeted nutrition for elderly people can be considered a genuine business opportunity. Another growing segment is sports nutrition, which has a wide appeal to consumers with an interest in a healthy lifestyle. From this segment much can be learned for other food categories on topics such as weight management, healthy ageing, recovery, and clinical nutrition.

Developing a successful product with these health benefits is not a straightforward exercise. Many aspects need to be taken into account for a product to become successful. For example:

  • Which ingredient is most likely to have a specific health benefit?
  • How can we incorporate it in the food product?
  • And how does this affect flavour and texture?
  • Is the nutrient stable and available for absorption?

These are all aspects in developing tasty and functional products. At NIZO, we believe in integrated solutions, combining health and technology for successful product development. At our Flavour & Texture division, we tackle these challenges daily. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we can speed up recipe development, implement clean label processes and quantify the true wanting of your product all at once.

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