How to select the best plant protein option for your product without creating an ‘off’ flavour?

With so many plant protein options available, selecting the best one for a specific product or product range is a true challenge. Many plant proteins can create an undesirable or ‘off’ flavour in your product and as the consumer will not compromise on taste, the question is how to avoid this off-flavour? This is a big challenge, but NIZO can help.

The webcast was broadcasated on September 15th 2022. To be able to watch this Webcast on any time convenient for you, also when you were not able to join, we made this webcast on demand available for you (except for the live Q&A session).

In the webcast, Ann Stijnman, Project Manager Flavour & Texture, will share the findings from a recent NIZO study comparing 30 commercially available plant protein ingredients. This research aimed to provide a better understanding of the complexity of flavours and how this knowledge can be used to help remove off-flavours. The webcast will cover:

  • The impact of processing
  • The importance and complexity of aroma profiles
  • Possibilities to eliminate undesired flavours

NIZO can support you with the same blend of scientific understanding and hands-on experience. We support you in optimising the flavour of your ingredient and product, with our knowledge-based approach. By evaluating your ingredients, products and flavour profiles, we can help you to efficiently develop or adapt a food product that will appeal to consumers.

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