Looking back at the 4th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: Europe

The relation between the microbiome, and health and disease is increasingly recognized and documented. Development of new therapeutics and probiotics targeting the microbiome to promote gut and skin health is of importance for many companies. To this extent Global Engage successfully hosted the 11th meeting in the global series. With over 300 attendees the meeting was very well attended both by companies and academic groups. A series of interactive presentations were given on gut health in humans and animals, skin health, women’s health, identifying new microbiome modulators, regulatory aspects and how to deal with the large amounts of data typically generated in microbiome studies. Many lively discussions were held at our booth on proving health benefits for skin and gut health.

A clear trend we identified in the market is the quest for understanding microbiome-host interactions to substantiate health benefit claims. This allows knowledge-based design of microbiome modulators by:

  • Pinpointing specific microbes / functionality that impact health and
  • Development of artificial models for gut or skin to develop microbiome modulators on functionality of microbes and host.

NIZO presentations were given by Sacha van Hijum and Alwine Kardinaal that put the understanding of microbiome-host interactions to practice. The topics of the presentations included ‘proving causality of host-microbe interactions for a skin disease’ and ‘use of in vitro gut models to substantiate in vivo health benefits’, respectively.