Aroma of food affects bite size


Bite size is affected by the intensity of the aroma of the food being consumed and suggests that aroma may be used as a means to control portion size. This is the outcome of research by scientists from Wageningen University, Top Institute Food and Nutrition and NIZO food research, published in Flavour.

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Whey protein against intestinal inflammation


NIZO food research has shown that cheese whey protein protects against intestinal inflammation by stimulating beneficial bacteria and by enhancing the protective mucous layer in the gut.

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Abundant plant protein extracted for food application


NIZO researchers have developed a technology to make the most abundant plant protein in the world available for food applications while maintaining its nutritional and functional properties.

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Synergistic interactions between natural preservatives maximize functionality


NIZO food research has discovered that synergistic interactions between different natural preservatives can reduce the cost in use, while improving overall functionality. The natural protein lactoferrin, known to exhibit antimicrobial activity against micro-organisms, combined with an extract of the essential oil thyme oil, almost completely inhibited growth of E. coli because of the synergistic effect of these two natural compounds.

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