Fancy a grass sandwich?


Will people soon be able to enjoy a nice grass meal, just like cows? NIZO food research in Ede is researching this interesting question.

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NIZO expert accelerates innovation in Sports Nutrition


NIZO food research and InnoSportNL will work together to link the effects of ingredients and foods on the performance, physiology and achievements of athletes. The outcomes will be applied to improved sports nutrition as well as for food(ingredients) for healthy ageing and weight management and clinical foods.

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Probiotic prevents diarrhea in children


The probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri prevents acute diarrhea in children with lower nutritional status.  This is the outcome of a unique study carried out with almost 500 children from low-socioeconomic communities in Jakarta, Indonesia. This should give a boost to the development of simple, (dairy) foods with the right probiotics.

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Natural proteins to replace fats


In the coming years food producer VION Food Group and research company NIZO will be collaborating intensively to develop natural protein-based ingredients to replace fats in their products.

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RuBisCo: from waste product to food ingredient


Due to an ever-growing population, proteins extracted from existing agricultural side-streams are of high interest for food processors.

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Aroma of food affects bite size


Bite size is affected by the intensity of the aroma of the food being consumed and suggests that aroma may be used as a means to control portion size. This is the outcome of research by scientists from Wageningen University, Top Institute Food and Nutrition and NIZO food research, published in Flavour.

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