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Have you considered using Pulse proteins in your product to replace dairy- or soy proteins? And have you also experienced that the taste and flavour aspects limit the use of these proteins? At NIZO, we recently published a review article providing a comprehensive overview of what is known about the origin and remedies of taste and flavour aspects of pulse proteins. The article covers different pulses, the compounds that cause off-flavours and the technologies that improve, remove, modify or mask the flavours of pulse proteins.

Thanks to Pulse Canada we were able to publish our article Open Access.This review article aims to provide a concise overview highlighting the most important aspects of the knowledge available on the off-flavor compounds present in various pulses, their possible origins, and the technologies available to prevent, reduce, or mask these off-flavor compounds. Rather than attempting to make a full inventory of the literature in the field, this paper addresses the most relevant topics referring to a selected set of relevant papers on each topic to substantiate the observations and conclusions that may guide the reader toward additional literature.

It explains that off-flavours in pulses are partially inherent and partially produced during harvesting, processing, and storage. Generally, volatile off-flavour compounds in pulses belong to the categories of aldehydes, alcohols, ketones, acids, pyrazines, sulfur compounds, and others, and off-taste is strongly correlated to the presence of saponins, phenolic compounds, and sometimes alkaloids. No systematic studies have been performed on the identification of the off-flavour compounds present in pulses in relation to their contribution to the overall perception of the pulses.

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