Food Professional Day – Should milk be white? The ins and outs of vegetable milk

Are you visiting the Food Professional Day on March 20? Join the presentation by Fred van de Velde, our protein functionality expert and Jacques Vos, manager of IJscentrum about “The ins and outs of vegetable milk”. During this presentation, they will compare several alternative and vegetable proteins, you will taste plant based milk and analyse the composition. Jacques Vos will give an answer to the question how to make plant based ice cream? He has developed plant based ice cream and will share his challenges with you.

About NIZO expert Fred van de Velde:

Fred started his education at the Delft University of Technology, focusing on ingredients. At NIZO, he started to work on the interaction of proteins and carbohydrates in relation to structure, texture and perception. In the field of protein functionality he focuses on the application and production of alternative protein ingredients. Being a senior researcher/teacher at the HAS University of Applied Science, he is able to apply a chain approach in improving these proteins.

Food Professional Day

The Food Professional Day is intended for top chefs, who want to stay up-to-date. Apart from NIZO, passionate scientists from Wageningen University & Research will share their knowledge, and inspired chefs give you a taste of their creations!

Want to know more about vegetable proteins? Contact Fred van de Velde.

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