Start ups, scale-ups, SME interested to see how the biggest CRO Food Grade Pilot Plant in Europe looks like? Here you chance to see the NIZO pilot Plant facility as a Virtual Tour online.

Are you optimizing existing processes, designing new production processes or looking for alternative applications for product waste streams? We can assist you with practical solutions, applying our extensive knowledge on proces-product interactions. We offer an extensive pilot facility, covering upstream and downstream processing.

In times of Covid it was almost impossible to receive customers in the NIZO pilot plant. Fortunately, the measures seem to be heading back to normal. What did become clear is that during discussions with customers it would be very efficient and informative when the food grade pilot plant could still be shown during an online conversation. After all, seeing speaks much more than 1000 words. With this as background, but also the fact that prospects can see for themselves 24/7 on how the NIZO Pilot Plant looks like, we have developed a NIZO Virtual Tour of the Food Grade Pilot Plant that can now be viewed on

If any questions pop up or you want more information how NIZO’s smarter processing expertise can help you please contact Ben van der Deen.

Enjoy watching!

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