We are proud that Jovian Bunawan, Project Manager & Scientist at NIZO, presents the webcast “Perspectives on Dairy Protein Application in Medical Nutrition:  Focus on High Protein ONS Drink” .

Oral Nutritional Supplements

Clinical nutrition is a big and growing global market. Besides, the world’s population over 65 years will double from 8% to 16% in 2050. We all know that an aging population faces many health issues, for instance malnutrition. There are several ways for the hospital to improve the patient’s nutrition. One of them is giving the patient a Oral Nutritional Supplement – ONS- drink. Providing ONS to malnourished patients not only improves their comfort and quality of life, but it can reduce the cost of hospital care by 12%.

What does all of this mean for the dairy industry? NIZO has found that dairy-based proteins are the best option for these products. Given the scale and long-term potential of the market, this makes ONS drinks a very interesting opportunity for dairy producers and product manufacturers.

Watch the webcast

Jovian Bunawan will provide further explanation about the importance of ONS drinks.  The difference between the use and application of dairy proteins versus plant proteins will be highlighted. He will also make some recommendations about which protein source to use for ONS drinks. The webcast will cover:

  • Protein quality and digestibility of plant versus dairy proteins
  • All aspects of ONS drinks: looking at the whole picture 
  • In-depth information about the technical aspects of processing ONS drinks 
  • Real-live cases from industry 
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